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Shane Wilson is originally from Seattle, Washington.



Film Photography


Shane works on his own as a Cinematographer, Director of Photography and editor on numerous small independent productions, particularly through Glassless Window Films which he co-founded.


His training and experience are in the world of independent film production, having honed in his film shooting skills working with Mark Cabaroy founder of iMark Films (New York), and Maria Rusolo of Roam Pictures . 


Shane holds himself to a standard of excellence, bringing to the project a passion for the art of powerful image-making, a tenacity and work ethic that shows through his work, and a professional approach, especially when working with the crew. 


In his role as DP, he has been responsible for artistic and technical decisions to bring the writer / director’s concept into reality, creating the desired mood and atmosphere for an appropriate emotional impact. 


He was Director of Photography for the film Sweet Life ( ), and his work was nominated for "Best Cinematography" at the Staten Island Film Festival in 2011. 


Other recent work includes his role as DP, shooting 16mm film as well as digital for the music video The Prophet ( from musician Abby Payne's "Sasquatch" EP (Megafauna Records).


Still Photography

After attending Seattle Central University, Shane studied under good friend and photographer Michael Bennet at Liberty Studio in historic Pioneer Square.  It was there that Shane acquired the skills of a working photographer.  He can work with any kind of light, film or camera to achieve the effect he wants and has up-to-the minute knowledge of digital workflow from capture to post production. 


Shane has been working in New York City for the past five years as a photographer’s assistant, digital tech and photographer.  He has worked with numerous photographers, studios and rental houses.


Shane has worked in the digital photography realm with special regard to medium format digital, and also supported printing workflow and hardware inquiries, asset management, raw image conversion software, and video editing applications.


He understands the gamut of the overall process, from shooting, to digital teching and file management.  In post-work he can expertly create and style a quality product using various software platforms, e.g. Premiere Pro, Final Cut, After Effects, Capture One, Phocus, Lightroom, Photoshop, etc.


Shane has taught classes on many of these applications.